Steph has been working at WEMOOSH since 2016 (4 years).

As Coordinator of WEMOOSH West, Steph works closely with her team to ensure that the service runs in an effective and fun manner. With an eye for detail, Steph is always listening to children, talking to families, and building a program that is engaging and creative. Steph has a rich background from growing up and studying in Chile. She was for a long time our 'drama queen' - in the best possible way! Steph brought drama-based play experiences to the forefront of the WEMOOSH program, making it one of the most-sought after activities at the service. Steph is a professional, smiling face at all times and has transformed our service with her skills and enthusiasm.


  • Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Performing Arts [Universidad Mayor]

  • Nomad School with Ariane Mnouchkine [Theatre du Soleil]

  • Diploma in School-Age Education and Care

  • HLTAID001 (Provide CPR, 2019) [H&A Training]

  • HLTAID003 (Provide First Aid, 2019) [H&A Training]

  • HLTAID004 (Provide Emergency First Aid Response in an Education and Care Setting 2019) [H&A Training]

Professional Development:​​

  • Power of Play: Practical Playwork Masterclass [Outsiders, 2020]

  • Working with Controlling and Aggressive Behaviours [Complex Care, 2019]

  • Basic Type 1 Diabetes Management in Schools [Australian Paediatric Society, 2019]

Steph's Philosophy:

"I believe that play and providing children with opportunities for play is at the foundation of my philosophy. Play develops self-worth and provides opportunity for children to become what they want to be and what they imagine to be, in a creative and spontaneous way.

"Play promotes the opportunity to develop the child socially and emotionally and provides valuable opportunities for developing life skills.

"Children should be given every opportunity to connect with nature. This allows for children to respond positively to challenges and to manage risk and cope with change. 

"I embed the 8 Aboriginal Ways of Learning into my teaching and programming, and value the perspectives and learning that is provided through this framework as it provides a more holistic approach to learning. 

"I support your children in becoming environmentally responsible and show respect for the environment.

"Sustainable practices are used in children’s daily routine and used in their day-to-day activities. 

"I value diversity; there is no place for bias, inequality, exclusion, discrimination or stereotypical attitudes. I accept each family’s uniqueness and support the family as a whole.

"Over the years, my role at OOSH has changed, but I still believe it is the perfect blend of play and learning. I get to program and use my skills as a teacher to build on children's development and then watch it unfold and observe children having fun and not realise they are learning."