our core values

Fun - we consider fun to be at the heart of everything that we do.

Responsive - we listen, plan and act.

Play and Perseverance - playfulness and creativity are how we strive to learn new skills.

Caring - we have created a safe space for children to practise relationships and interactions.

Seeking - we encouraging possibilities for extending on learning and play.

Inclusiveness - we making diversity visible, while learning about social responsibility to ourselves and our peers.

Global Citizenship - a "world-minded" approach to discussing our responsibilities to the planet, and the natural environment.

our objectives

Emergent Curriculum - valuing conversations that contribute to meaning and development of programming.

Democratic Citizenship - opportunities to participate, to make choices, express ideas, and to act upon children's daily experiences y asking questions and expressing opinions in matters they relate to.

Applying Learning Frameworks - using the School-Aged Care guides, My Time, Our Place and the National Quality Standard at the core of our practice.

Recognising Our First Australians - creating visibility and conversation through frameworks that value indigenous approaches to learning.

Outdoor Play - taking advantage of the natural environment and natural materials in play.

Building Values - talking about our own identities and our peers' identities, as well as our responsibility to ourselves one another and our environment.