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WEMOOSH Coronavirus Safe Practice - Current Restrictions in NSW August 2021

Due to the new Delta Variant of COVID19 we are now requesting:

  • Only essential workers can access WEMOOSH. Carers who are essential workers must supply a letter from their employer confirming their essential worker status. 

  • All Children, Educators and Parents and Carers wear a mask and check in using WEMOOSH's QR Code.

  • Parents are not allowed on the site.

  • Please ring the Centre on 0424 230 264 when you arrive to let staff know to expect your child.

  • In the afternoon please ring the Centre on 0424 230 264 and staff will send your child to you.

  • DO NOT take your child without letting staff know as this is a safety risk for your child. 

  • Practice social distancing at all time.

  • Hand Washing on arrival and before any meal or snacks.