For all facets of our practice to be shaped by meaningful engagement with families and/or the community.

To embrace an Outdoor Education element to our Program & Practice.


  • New 4-Element Model constructed for Educators to reference.

  • Educators began integrating and referencing in written daily reflections.

2019 service goal

To embed the 8 Aboriginal Ways of Learning into our program.


  • Internal training delivered to all coordinators.

  • Educational Leader modified programming template to integrate the 8 Ways.

  • Coordinators begin connecting programming to 8 Ways.

  • Educational Leader provides ongoing resources to all staff.

  • Educators receive training in 8 Ways.

  • Educators begin integrating the 8 Ways into their daily critical reflections.

  • The service philosophy is overlaid with the 8 Ways to ensure holistic delivery. Philosophy is given pictorial representation to give a consistent model, utilising Symbols & Images.

  • Individual sites move towards a shared 'Our Ways' model, expanding upon the 8 Ways with lenses of learning specific to each site.