Permanent bookings

Before School: $15.00

After School:   $25.00

Casual bookings

Before School: $15.00

After School:   $27.00

Vacation Care

Standard Cost:  $55.00

'Bronze Day':     $65.00

* Daily cost varies depending on

planned excursions

'Silver Day':      $75.00

$0.50 additional cost applies for children being transported from another school to WEMOOSH site.

Late Fee:
After 6pm will incur an Out of Hours Fee of $20.00 per 5 minutes. Wherever possible parents must advise the centre when they will be late to collect their child. (Out of Hours Fee will still apply). If the above fee has been issued three times the child’s position at the centre will be reviewed. Times will be monitored by the centre’s clock frequently checked by relevant authorities. All children must be signed in and out of the centre before 6 pm.


Determination of Fees
Our service sets fees in accordance with its annual budget in order to meet the income required to develop and maintain a quality service for children and families. We strive to ensure that our service is affordable and accessible to families in our community. The Approved Provider ratifies the budget annually, or as necessary, and monitors it carefully throughout the year.