WEMOOSH Activities

Our programs are structured with a particular theme for each term.

An intentional teaching tree is created based on the theme which assists in educating the children in engaging and effective ways. From Ancient History to ways to build your Social and Emotional Intelligence, our programs aim to extend children’s knowledge about themselves as much as the world around them.

At WEMOOSH we believe that OOSH care is about much more than a place to hang out. We ensure that our children are involved in activities that are interactive, engaging, fun and assist with expanding a child’s development.

 The following activities sit at the core of all our programs:

Arts and Craft

Every day provides an opportunity for children to engage in a structured craft or to use their imaginations to build whatever they might dream up. Our Educators assist children in creating a craft that builds on the weekly theme but will always encourage children to extend their own skills in making something original. Whether this is using recycled materials in junk construction or cutting and hammering materials in woodwork, our children are always learning new and amazing techniques for expressing themselves.


Once a week, our program includes a cooking activity in which children are able to engage all of their senses. They throw on an apron to prepare to work together with Educators and their peers to create their culinary masterpiece. This hands-on activity builds children’s mathematical skills and scientific reasoning while building their confidence and independence – and it’s always fun to make a mess!
Imaginative play

We provide opportunities for imaginative play throughout our program. From unstructured activities using building blocks and figurines to dress-ups and dramatic play with Educators, there’s always an opportunity for children to act out their vivid imaginations! During an average week we might find ourselves on a bug hunt, building fairy grottos, running boot camps full of soldiers or training ponies to do circus tricks!
Cognitive play

We build children’s cognitive abilities through unstructured imaginative and construction play. Educators will set up an activity such as Lego, magnetic toys or model human bodies and allow children to lead the play. Educators act as the guide in these activities, helping children to form questions and find answers themselves through play and experimentation.

Physical activity

Our program provides opportunity for sports and activities every afternoon. Structured sports such as soccer, netball or baseball provide the basis for our physical activity but children also have the chance to participate in smaller group games with their peers such as handball, shooting hoops or riding their bikes and scooters. These activities promote development of a child’s gross motor skills while also learning cooperation and teamwork with peers of all ages and abilities.